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How to Support the Carer in Your Family

Caring can be a rewarding experience but also be stressful and difficult. It is common for carers to experience a range of feelings such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, loss, and grief. These feelings in themselves will add to the situation’s stress, leading to a downward spiral of guilt, confusion, and burnout from emotional exhaustion.

The family and friends around our Carers play an essential role in supporting their physical and mental health. It’s critical to understand their needs and help them look after themselves. An excellent place to start for this is an open, judgement-free conversation. By taking the time to listen to what our Carers need, we can support them. Some ways we can help might include respite care

Respite Care

Respite Care, also known as short-term care, can give the Carers a well-earned break, even if it’s only for a short period. It’s possible to organise respite care in advance if our Carer is planning a holiday, or feels like they need to take some time to themselves and recharge. Emergency respite care is also available if our Carers have an unplanned hospital stay or an emergency with someone else in the family.

At TriCare, our experienced teams can help with medication management, personal care, meals and exercises. Basically, your loved one will become entitled to all the same care and activities that one of our permanent residents are.

As part of our communities, your loved one will have access to our onsite Chefs, who ensure that their nutritional needs are met through delicious meals made with fresh ingredients every day. Our Lifestyle Coordinators keep them happy and healthy with daily activities that welcome everyone.  Registered Nurses are available 24/7, and a 24-hour call system allows for assistance whenever needed.

The Australian Government has an extensive library of resources that you can access for more information: https://www.qld.gov.au/disability/families-carers-friends

To find out more information about TriCare’s respite care, visit our website: https://www.tricare.com.au/aged-care/care-options/#respite-care