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Active lifestyle for retirees at TriCare Compton Garden

Located close to picturesque Cabbage Tree Creek in Aspley, TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community offers its resident’s the perfect setting for a range of activities.

Whether it is a hit of tennis or a refreshing dip in one of the Community’s two pools, there are many options to participate in activities that add to the social vibrancy at the Village.

One of the more popular activities includes indoor bowls which is played every Wednesday and Thursday and attracts over 20 players each week.

Avid bowler and resident, Som Mackay moved to TriCare Compton Gardens with his wife Heather eight years ago and has been involved in putting the competition together each week.

“We find indoor bowls very sociable, friendly and anyone can play. We even have a resident who has partial blindness playing,” said Mr Mackay.

They play two games an afternoon at 35 minutes each, with an all important afternoon tea in between each match.

Mr Mackay says it’s not a complicated game to learn to play and the quick games ensure it’s not too time consuming either.

“The hardest part is setting up and taking down the game!”

People play in twos against each other, at opposite ends of the indoor mat. The winning team is judged closest to the jack.

Village Manager, Sandra Lasserre says TriCare Compton Gardens is a very active community.

“In the first week of July we have a friendly competition called the ‘Compton Games’ with indoor bowls proving to be a popular event each year. Other sports include darts, shoot n shuffle and quoits,” said Mrs Lasserre.

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