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Community involvement is a highlight for Compton Gardens resident

When Diane Davis moved to TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community she wasn’t expecting the sense of community it would provide.

Now an active member of the Village herself, Ms Davis enjoys getting involved in many activities as a resident and as the secretary of the social committee.

“I was a teacher prior to retiring so I am familiar with, and enjoy communicating with others, organising events and generally contributing to my community.

You get so much back in return when you get involved.”

Ms Davis initiated the introduction of walking basketball to TriCare Compton Gardens late last year and she is now running the classes three out of four weeks a month.

Although anyone can play, walking basketball is generally targeted at over 60’s as a form of healthy exercise, and as the name suggests, it is played with the same rules of basketball with participants walking, not running.

“The classes were originally run by an outside organisation and it has been advantageous to keep then going as they help improve our balance, fitness, working in a team, keeping active and staying social,” said Ms Davis.

As secretary of the social committee, amongst other things Ms Davis is also involved in organising a morning tea once a month to introduce new residents to the Village, along with a guest speakers program with an array of speakers from within the community, business and internally, all speaking on interesting and relevant topics.

“We have had Donna Farrell speak on the benefits of gentle exercise, the local Anglican Church on recent SCAM alerts, the Stroke Foundation, and we have had the Aspley State School band and choir performing which was thoroughly enjoyed by residents.

We have a wonderful core group of volunteers from the Village that are very happy to help out with different events.”

“I enjoy being busy, and while I can, I will give back to my community.

I find that one of the best parts of volunteering and getting involved is meeting new and interesting people.”