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In an ever-changing aged care landscape it is easy to lose your way

The Senior Leadership of TriCare recently came together for a 2 day workshop under the facilitation of Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts. Their aim was to come together to proactively and positively work through the challenges and the opportunities that they face as individuals as well as an organisation.

In the words of Dr Trevor-Roberts…

“Leading aged care providers are those who have the adaptability to adjust to constant change and have fresh thinking to keep the best possible service front of mind for their customers. It all starts with having leaders who constantly scan the external environment to stay aware of the changes and have the leadership skills to embed change into their organisation.

The recent TriCare 2 day leadership forum was designed to do exactly this. The leaders undertook an exhaustive review of the external changes impacting on the organisation and distilled these down to a series of questions they now use to remain responsive to new changes.

The leaders then went one step further and applied this thinking to themselves. Through an in-depth exploration of their identity as a leader, the cohort identified not just the behaviours they need to lead successfully into the future, but the mindset they need to display their best leadership.

Amongst the busy-ness of organisational life in the aged care sector, we need to sometimes just stop and reflect on the impact we are making.

The engagement, energy and enthusiasm in the room shows that TriCare is a great organisation with outstanding leaders.” Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts

For more information about the difference TriCare is making in the lives of their residents visit www.TriCare.com.au.

For more information about the work of Dr Trevor-Roberts visit www.trevor-roberts.com.au