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‘Lunch in the Lakes’ Restaurant Team

Almost three years ago, the Stafford Lakes community was new, with only approximately 100 residents.

A group of 8 residents, calling themselves the ‘Lunch in the Lakes Restaurant Team’ decided to provide good quality cafe style lunches every 6 weeks for about 24 residents at a sitting (pictured above are 2 of the team chefs surveying their recently cooked apple custard danishes).

The team used BBQ’s, induction hotplates and microwaves to cook the meals. The popularity surprised everyone with a significant waitlist for each event and some residents booked and payed months ahead.

One of the team had experience with combination-steam cooking. Following this a number of the team undertook Chef training with Rational Ovens National Corporate Chef and additional training at their academy events. Approval was given for the ‘Lakes Team’ to use the Stafford Lakes commercial kitchen.

Popularity saw the number of Friday events increase by making them monthly instead of 6 weekly and additionally ‘Sunday Season Roast Lunches’ have been introduced.

The number of participants has been expanded so that 42 meals are prepared at each lunch! Booking sheets fill up within hours of being made available and waitlists remain extensive with potential participants.

All ingredients are purchased from local shops and menus contain a main meal (which may be hot or cold corned beef, chunky beef pies, mixed grills, pork chops, seafood & chips, roast lamb, a large variety of vegetables & salads, bread rolls & butter and a large range of team prepared sweets, sparkling Italian mineral water, coffee & tea.

Two of the signature dishes, lasagne and roast pork with crackling.

Patrons serving their chicken schnitzel, steamed veges and bread rolls.

Part of the Lakes Restaurant at Stafford Lakes Retirement Community set and ready for patrons to arrive.