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No time for sleep at Mt Gravatt pyjama party

There was no time for sleep when TriCare Mt Gravatt Retirement Community recently held a pyjama party for residents as part of their busy social calendar.

The brain child of TriCare staff member, Sue Eichperger the pyjama party was the first of two themed dinner events the Village holds each year.

Over 80 residents dressed up in their brightest pyjamas, nighties and dressing gowns and enjoyed a three course dinner in the Village’s dining room.

Many residents went to great lengths to get into the spirit of the evening, special mention going to Carmel Drysdale designing a bright green pyjama outfit for herself and a matching ensemble for her teddy bear.

Village Manager, Tammy Watt says it’s very much a whole Village event for occasions such as these.

“Our staff dressed up and enjoyed the evening just as much as our residents.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and have a laugh,” she said.

Mrs Eichperger judged the teddy bear competition for ‘Cuddliest teddy bear’ and ‘Cutest teddy bear’.

One of the teddy bears had been hand knitted by a resident many years ago and another held sentimental value to Joan Purcell having been given to her 25 years ago by her children when her husband had passed away.

The evening ended as all good pyjama parties should with a hot drink and bed time story read by Mrs Watt.

“It was a tale of three Care Bears who were getting older so they moved into a retirement village, aptly named ‘TriCare Bear Village’.

“Over time, more and more bears moved in and they all lived happily ever after, even the grizzly old bears!”