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Puzzle brings community residents together

What started as a couple of puzzles laid on a table near the indoor bowls area at TriCare Mt Gravatt Retirement Community has now grown significantly in size and popularity.

Village Manager, Tammy Watt said that more tables and chairs have had to be added to the area to accommodate the regular puzzlers.

Dating back to the 1760’s, the dictionary definition of a puzzle is a game, problem or toy that tests a person’s ingenuity or knowledge.

“This is exactly what is happening at our Village.

“Residents are challenging themselves daily with big and small puzzles. One resident, Josef Hoffman has recently completed a 2000 piece puzzle and is currently working on his second of the same size.”

The Mt Gravatt Puzzlers, as they are affectionately known, are spending morning and afternoons finishing the puzzles.

Primarily donated by family and friends, there is now a large array of jigsaw puzzles available for residents to try to hone their puzzling skills on.

“A family member of one of the residents cut boards to fit the larger puzzles so they can be moved around and saved for display when finished.

“Everyone has been catered for with some small 100-200 piece puzzles, alongside larger pieced puzzles which we have for those who are vision impaired,” said Mrs Watt.