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Residents improve flexibility and strength with new yoga classes

There is a feeling of zen at local TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community with the introduction of chair yoga for residents.

Chair yoga is a popular form of exercise for people with limited mobility, a problem with joints or those recovering from injury or illness.

Taken by local yoga instructor, Cheryl Horrocks from Yoga Owl, the 30 minute classes focus on breathing techniques, gentle stretches seated in a chair, and then traditional yoga poses whilst standing.

Stretches include raising arms, lifting legs and spinal twists.

Ms Horrocks has been practicing yoga for six years and believes it is a form of future proofing your body as you age.

“I originally started practicing yoga when I was diagnosed with a spinal illness.

“I enjoyed it so much I decided I’d like to teach and share the value of yoga with others,” said Ms Horrocks.

There are many benefits to chair yoga including improved strength, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination and mental clarity.

With an emphasis on falls prevention, Ms Horrocks says participants are encouraged to modify movements and exercise at their own pace.

Village Manager, Sandra Lasserre says the trial classes have proved popular with residents.

“Increased balance, strength and mobility can help with a range of daily activities such as gardening, cleaning or even the simple action of reaching for the top shelf in your kitchen.

It’s also a good opportunity for residents to get out of their apartments and catch up with each other.”