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Ancient art of Tai Chi proves popular amongst residents

With a recent introduction of Tai Chi to the activities calendar, residents at TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community prove that you are never too old to learn new tricks.

Derived from the formally combative Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi is known as one of the most effective exercises for health and wellbeing.

Conducting weekly classes at TriCare Compton Gardens, internationally qualified instructor, Glen Henry, has over 45 years experience in Eastern martial arts practice and teaching.

“We need to keep active as we get older and exercise at a level that is complementary to our stage in life.  Tai Chi is performed by slowly and calmly moving and breathing through a series of movements.

At Compton Gardens, we practice movements whose origins are from one of the Crane Boxing styles from the Fukien region of Southern China,” said Mr Henry.

The health benefits of regular Tai Chi practice include improved circulation, breathing in lung capacity and control, balance and posture, strength and flexibility and reduced stress.

“Although not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, the practice of Tai Chi can help to improve the health and quality of life for people dealing with health conditions such as poor circulation, high blood pressure and respiratory conditions,” said Mr Henry.

With an emphasis on falls prevention, participants are encouraged to modify movements and exercise at their own pace. Mr Henry’s classes focus on a series of movements, along with preparatory and relaxation exercises before and after sessions.

Sandra Lassere, Village Manager says as well as the physical benefits, the social aspects of participating in a Tai Chi class are just as valid.

“Less than a year in, the classes have proved to be very popular amongst the residents.

There is a real buzz around the Village every Friday morning before and after class,” said Ms Lassere.

For further information contact Village Manager, Sandra Lasserre on 07 3263 2788.