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Enjoy all the benefits of retirement living at TriCare Willow Glen

People chose to move into retirement communities for many reasons.

Downsizing without losing independence, being part of a greater community and living with like minded people are just some of the benefits of retirement living.

Resident of TriCare Willow Glen Retirement Community, Margaret McKenzie, made the decision to move into the Village five years ago.

“I decided to downsize and move into retirement living after my husband passed away. I had no reservations after seeing the unit and meeting the manager who made me feel so welcome – I have never looked back,” said Mrs McKenzie.

As an added bonus, Mrs McKenzie has made many dear friends during her time at TriCare Willow Glen, including her neighbour, Eileen Strachan.

“When we met, we just clicked. We are so similar other residents think we must be related! You are never too old to make new friends,” said Mrs McKenzie.

Dubbed the ‘dynamic duo’ by Village Manager, Tim Naidu, Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Strachan enjoy everything on offer at TriCare Willow Glen Retirement Community.

“Margaret and Eileen are a pleasure to know and be around. They are always together serving the community or just enjoying life,” said Mr Naidu.

Together with a few other residents, Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Strachan were instrumental in bringing residents together each month, cooking dinner for 70 people. They have only just recently handed over the reins to some ‘younger’ residents so now they can sit down and catch up with everyone themselves!

Mrs McKenzie says what she likes most about living at TriCare Willow Glen is that she has the benefits of living in a tight knit community and her independence.

“I still have my outside interests and can come and go as I please. We are walking distance from the Willow Glen Shopping centre and only a short drive to major shopping centres and medical facilities.

You’ve just got to get out and enjoy it all, it’s a lovely place to be,” says Mrs McKenzie.

For more information contact Village Manager, Tim Naidu on 07 4635 4000.