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International delegation experience best practice at Gold Coast aged care facility

TriCare Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence recently hosted an international delegation of aged care managers from the Czech Republic showcasing best practice in aged care.

The delegation was brought out by Queensland based hospital and aged care supplier, Active Medical Supplies, to observe an aged care facility using their lifters and hoists, beds and recliner chairs.

Active Medical Supplies General Manger, Clyde Muller said that clinically proven equipment coupled with the architecture and interior design of the state-of-the-art facility made TriCare Cypress Gardens an easy choice to show delegates a clear example of where the aged care sector is heading.

“Cypress Gardens displays superior aged care acumen, encompassing world leading supportive equipment and a future proof design, intent to enhance resident’s experience,” said Mr Muller.

Facility Manager, Judy Carter said they spoke about the benefits of investing in good technology and the improvements in incidents and accidents for both staff and residents when using well designed and technologically superior equipment.

“In our case, we have seen a significant reduction in staff and resident accidents, staff attrition and injury down-time and reduction in costs through injuries with the introduction of this equipment,” said Mrs Carter.

The group received a tour of the new $18 million state-of-the-art wing at TriCare Cypress Gardens complete with a cafe, hair salon, luxurious lounge areas and were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by on-site chef Russell Middleton.

“The delegation was particularly interested in the layout of the facility, lounge areas and size of rooms.

They were impressed with the luxury fittings in the bathrooms, and the overall comfort and feel of the rooms being more like a hotel than a hospital / aged care setting,” said Mrs Carter.