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Let’s get physical!

Every Wednesday morning at 8am, you will find a group of fit and fabulous residents at Mt Gravatt Retirement Community preparing for their weekly Gentle Exercise class.

Specifically designed to cover joint mobility and fall prevention, the classes are predominantly a seated session.

Residents work through the fingers, wrists, hips, knees and ankle joints, using the aid of a small ball, mimicking movements that weaken joints and become arthritic due to aging. The exercises provide strength and promote blood flow helping to reduce pain.

Exercise instructor, Eva Williamson said the sessions are self paced and participants are encouraged to use the chair during standing work should they feel the need for assistance with their balance, or just security.

“We have a very friendly group and there is absolutely no pressure to achieve each exercise, residents are encouraged to work at their own pace,” said Ms Williamson.

Some of the exercises are done standing. They promote strength, balance and co-ordination to improve steady movements, shifting body weight to prevent falls from occurring.

“I feel each person has found benefits from the program, with ease of movement as well as cognitive and social aspects, we look forward to meeting each week and having a “chat” as we work through the movements,” said Ms Williamson.

Stan and Rae Haines have been taking Eva Williamson’s classes for nearly 13 years and feel the benefits of regular strengthening exercises.

“Eva’s classes keep us mobile – if we don’t take them regularly we definitely notice a difference in our strength and flexibility.

“We have met more people at the Village through the class and enjoy the social, as well as the fitness aspect – even at 8am in the morning!” said Mr Haines.

For further information please contact Village Manager, Tammy Watt on 07 3849 4358.