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Security and flexibility key to retirement living

As the longest residing resident at TriCare Willow Glen Retirement Community, Corinne Bartlett still enjoys everything that retirement living offers, particularly the security, flexibility and social life.

Having lived at TriCare Willow Glen for 15 years, Mrs Bartlett has seen the Village grow from strength to strength over the years and finds retirement living takes the pressure off everyday life.

“We initially moved from our property at Meandarra because we were getting older, and the farm was getting harder to manage.

Retirement living eliminates all the hard work of maintenance, and provides me with a relaxing lifestyle where I am free to come and go as I please, knowing that everything will be looked after while I’m away,” said Mrs Bartlett.

A keen traveller, since moving to TriCare Willow Glen, Mrs Bartlett has travelled all around Australia including Uluru, Katherine and Cape York.

Village manager, Tim Naidu says that part of the appeal of retirement living is flexibility and security.

“Residents like to know that their home is secure and well looked after in their absence, and that they have the freedom to take-off whenever they like,” said Mr Naidu.

Mrs Bartlett is also very involved in many aspects of village life regularly playing pool, cards, reading for book club and walking a few times a week with other residents.

“There is always something happening or someone to talk to but there is absolutely no pressure to be involved if you don’t want to.

When Mrs Bartlett’s husband passed away a few years ago she was very thankful that they had already made the move into retirement living.

“I was already very settled here and the love and support I received from my neighbours and friends at TriCare Willow Glen was very comforting,” said Mrs Bartlett.

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