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Village life made easy at TriCare James Ommaney

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full time maintenance officer on call? Help with changing a porch light, fixing a curtain cord or sweeping up leaves?

At TriCare James Ommaney Retirement Community, they have just the person! John McNally has been working as a full time maintenance officer at the Village for a number of years. Not only does he help with repairs and maintenance, he also doubles as the community bus driver, taking residents to the local shopping centre twice a week, and on outings organised by the TriCare James Ommaney social club such as a recent morning tea at the Roma Street Gardens or a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery.

This is one of the many reasons resident Theresia Fischer made the decision to move into TriCare James Ommaney over 12 months ago.

“I had been living in an apartment for eight years. My apartment was on a very busy road, and the constant road noise eventually became unbearable.

“In addition, as the apartment building aged, more maintenance was required and body corporate fees increased dramatically.

“With the help of my family, I sold my apartment and moved in to TriCare James Ommaney – it’s so lovely and peaceful in comparison,” said Mrs Fischer.

TriCare James Ommaney Village Manager, Steven Pashley says living in a retirement village doesn’t mean you lose your independence.

“To the contrary, residents are encouraged do as much as ever; if not more, knowing that other aspects of their life are taken care of.

“One of the most comforting things for residents and their families is knowing maintenance is being taken care of by someone else, and plumbers and electricians are only a phone call away,” said Mr Pashley.