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Flexibility and security key to retirement living

Selling his home and moving into a retirement community was one of the best decisions Barry Wiggins has made.

Not only does he have a full and active social life, he can feel secure in the knowledge that he is part of a safe and secure community with the flexibility to come and go as he likes.

Still living a very independent lifestyle, Mr Wiggins said he wanted it to be his decision to move out of the family home, not anyone else’s.

Since moving into TriCare Mt Gravatt Retirement Community in January 2017, he has never looked back.

“Life is magic here,” he said.

“The staff are wonderful and there is so much on offer in terms of facilities and social activities.”

“I love having access to a library 24/7, I use the pool and gym regularly and enjoy a roast every Sunday in the Village’s on-site restaurant.”

A keen traveller, Mr Wiggins says one of the main reasons he moved into retirement living was the flexibility to travel without having to worry about his home while he was away.

“Whenever I go away all I have to do is cancel my papers and lock the door knowing that my home is safe and secure while I’m gone,” he said.

The flexibility and security of retirement living is one of the key reasons people make the move to TriCare Mt Gravatt says Village Manager Tammy Watt.

“The fact that residents can leave their home and not have to worry about maintenance or security while they are away is so important.”

“And when you are home everything you need is virtually on your doorstep and there are plenty of friends about for social times if you choose” said Mrs Watt.