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5 Retirement Living Features That Will Enhance Your Wellbeing

If you’re considering a move to a Retirement Community, one of the biggest drawcards is having facilities that will enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing right on your doorstep. Living in a community that includes shared spaces where you can socialise and purpose-built facilities for exercise and leisure, means you’re sure to make the most of them and reap the benefits.

When it comes to comparing and choosing the right retirement living community, easily accessible on-site facilities are a key factor—so it’s important to be clear which features will provide you with the greatest benefits to your health and wellbeing. So, to help you narrow it down, in this article we’re sharing 5 retirement living features that will enhance your wellbeing.


1. Pool to swim, paddle or just enjoy a dip

Having a pool at home is great at any stage of life—but in a Retirement Community, not only will you have the extra time available to enjoy it, you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of having a pool without the hassle of maintenance! Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise, making it suitable for anyone looking to stay active. It also provides a host of health benefits, from improved cardiovascular health, muscle tone and weight management, to enhanced mental health and mood.

Even if you’re not a fan of swimming, there are still lots of ways you can enjoy the water. Maybe you can meet a friend by the pool for a dip and a chat? Or read a book while you dangle your feet in the water, to escape the heat on a summer’s day? You could also create your own personalised routine of basic resistance exercises, or even walk some laps. Whatever you choose, getting in the water will make you feel refreshed—and when you have a heated indoor pool within easy reach, it’s easy to make it part of your daily routine.


2. Community lounge to socialise and connect

Let’s face it, when you have a comfortable communal lounge within a stone’s throw of your home, you’re more likely to stay active, social and connected. Whether you meet a friend for afternoon tea or pop down for Friday night drinks, when you have a well-appointed lounge that is easily accessible, having relaxed catch-ups with your friends becomes that much easier. 

Staying connected is important, as loneliness can be extremely detrimental to your health. In fact, recent studies have linked loneliness to poor physical and mental health, general dissatisfaction with life and even premature death. In our communities, there are regular activities and events organised by social committees, such as a monthly Happy Hour, to ensure new residents and those living on their own have the opportunity to meet their neighbours. When you have a familiar, friendly place you can visit as often as you like, it makes staying connected a breeze.


3. Gym to stay fit, healthy and happy

Attending a gym can be a little daunting, especially for beginners. However, if you have an on-site gym that is solely for use by members of your community, it makes it far more accessible and welcoming.

In a Retirement Community, the gym is a long way removed from its noisy, hectic, public counterpart. The vibe is more relaxed, and you can work out at your own pace using the modern equipment, enjoying the view and a chat with your neighbours while you clock up the k’s on the treadmill. It’s the ideal place to introduce (or continue) a regular exercise routine that will boost your physical health and mental wellbeing. 


4. Health services to make you feel good

Having access to onsite health services is a big plus, especially when they are preventative measures that you may otherwise neglect. A great example of this would be massage, which the majority of us would consider something we treat ourselves to occasionally. But when you have it readily available, in familiar surrounds, you are far more likely to be proactive and book a regular session and enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, better sleep and less stress.

Many of our communities have access to regular scheduled visits from health and wellbeing services as well as on-site services such as hairdressing. This makes it simple and convenient to book those appointments that are beneficial to your health and make you feel good.


5. Outdoor space to enjoy nature

There’s nothing like nature to give your sense of wellbeing a boost, and any potential Retirement Community should have ample outdoor space to enjoy and explore. Water is especially soothing and therapeutic, so an ornamental lake or other water feature is a definite plus, such as the stunning central lake at our Stafford Lakes Retirement Community.

Many of our accommodation options include an outdoor space to enjoy a barbeque or alfresco dining, so why not invite your family over for a Sunday lunch and a stroll around the grounds in the sun? Whether you get outside for a meal, a daily walk or find a quiet spot to sit and watch the world go by, the more you get outdoors, the better you’ll feel—so look for a community that has attractive grounds and ample outdoor space.  


Choose the right features to enhance your wellbeing

When choosing a Retirement Community, there are lots of factors to consider. From size and location to the style of accommodation and price, there’s plenty to weigh up and consider as you make your choice. But be sure to keep the features and facilities that are important to you front of mind, after all, you deserve an amazing retirement lifestyle.


Do you have a feature you’d like to add to the list? Or a question about our retirement communities and facilities? We’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with our team on 07 3263 2788.

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