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Vision impairment presentation well received at TriCare Willow Glen

Recently residents of TriCare Willow Glen Retirement Community enjoyed an informative presentation from Guide Dogs Queensland on supporting people who are vision impaired.

Guide Dogs Queensland are currently rolling out a three year program across the State, funded through the Federal Government’s Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing grants process presenting on vision and ageing.

Guide Dogs Queensland presenter, Luanne Donohoe, presented on four of the different eye conditions affecting sight: age related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy and their impact on daily life.

TriCare Willow Glen Manager, Tim Naidu said it was an excellent information session which was very well received by residents.

“It was a great opportunity for residents to meet and share their thoughts and experiences with each other, and the presenter, Luanne Donohoe. 

They were given practical ways to assist people with vision impairment without taking away their independence,” said Mr Naidu.

Simple things such as using larger font sizes in reading materials or providing contrast between everyday items i.e. placemats being a different colour to a dinner plate, all contribute towards maintaining independence in daily life.

During the presentation, Ms Donohoe handed out simulation goggles so everyone could experience the different eye conditions.

“It is a good way for participants to gain just a little understanding of what it would feel like to have each of the eye conditions, as well as getting them involved,” said Ms Donohoe

For more information contact Village Manager, Tim Naidu on 07 4635 4000.