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50 years of experience

For over 50 years, TriCare has built communities designed to empower seniors to live their best lives, whether it entails an active and exciting Retirement lifestyle or a supportive Residential Aged Care.

TriCare is one of the leading providers of Retirement Living and Aged Care in Australia, as well as family-owned and operated.

At TriCare we are family, and you come first!


Our Difference

TriCare is proudly family-owned, providing trustworthy Retirement Living and Aged Care services for over 50 years across Australia.

We thrive in providing the highest standards of service with genuine care and family-style values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and support Australians by providing vibrant retirement communities and aged care solutions that enable seniors to live their best lives.

We pride ourselves on building communities that improve our residents’ lifestyle and wellbeing.

Our Values and Approach

Our approach is simple, we treat our residents in the same way we would like our own family to be treated – with love, care and respect.

As part of the TriCare family values, we value the inclusion of all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.