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Independent living is the right choice for you when you are capable of managing day-to-day tasks but no longer want to worry about home and garden maintenance.

A serviced apartment is a more suitable choice if you prefer independent living that provides you with assistance for heavy laundry, housekeeping and some meals.

The management team takes care of the day-to-day operation and is available during office hours to answer any questions.

Our Retirement Communities are designed to maximise resident involvement. Every community has a Resident Committee that represents the residents in regard to social activities, community consultation and many other community functions.

Each Retirement Community has a vast range of facilities, including swimming pools, a library, bowls and many more. These facilities are available for use at no cost to residents and their guests, though guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.

The management team or Resident Committee organises optional activities which may attract a participation fee.

We understand your pet is part of your family, so you are welcome to have a small pet in any of the independent living units though. Please note, pet approval is subject to Terms and Conditions.

There are different costs related to moving in, living in and moving out. Visit our Costs and Contracts page to find out the details.

Yes. If you’re planning to purchase a unit or apartment by placing an expression of interest, the next step is to have your GP complete our Medical Assessment Questionnaire.

We will hold the unit or apartment for seven days in order for you to present the completed questionnaire to our Village Manager, who will determine your suitability.

Yes, all of our communities have a 24-hour emergency call system to give you complete peace of mind.

All Villages have beautifully landscaped gardens for all residents to use.

Some units have a small private garden for you to maintain in your own time and at your own expense in keeping with set standards. However, if you’re struggling with the upkeep or the garden is not maintained to our community standards, we can decide to incorporate it into the general garden maintenance program.

You are welcome to have family and friends stay with you overnight or for short periods. We do ask you to respect other residents in terms of noise levels, and you need to accompany your guests when using community facilities. It’s not possible for other people to reside permanently in your unit.