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Aged Care for Couples

If you’ve been happily married or partnered for many years, the thought of your significant other having to move into an aged care facility may cause considerable stress and worry. As we get older, the likelihood of a partnered couple requiring different levels of care in their later years is quite high and many couples are faced with the question of how they might maintain the closeness in their relationship while dealing with individual health and care needs. Often, there can be a perception that partners are not able to live together once one person requires 24-hour care. However, the right aged care community can offer you options for partners to remain together and put those worries to rest.

Better together

Recently, it has been noted that the fastest growing group in Australia is those people aged over 65 years – otherwise known as the Baby Boomer generation. Known for having weathered social upheaval and rapid cultural change, this cohort are making their needs and wants known as they move into retirement and begin exploring options for aged care. A recent study into the views older Australians have about moving into aged care settings revealed some clear desires and fears around the potential need for higher levels of care. The study found that many older Australians were concerned about a perceived lack of privacy in aged care facilities, while also noting that for the majority of partnered couples, intimacy and the ability to maintain a close, affectionate relationship with their partner, was something that was important to their emotional wellbeing. 

And if truth be told, they might be onto something.

Stay with your better half

For couples who are facing the decision of how and when to access aged care for one or both partners, TriCare provides plenty of options. For those who do wish to stay together and experience the positive health and emotional impacts of continued closeness, TriCare provides Companion Rooms in our Aged Care residences. As long as both partners hold an Aged Care Assessment Team assessment, couples can make the move together into one of our friendly Aged Care facilities for couples and maintain their support of each other, while benefiting from the care and attention provided by our staff. Our Aged Care residents receive daily support with household tasks, such as cleaning, laundry, and meals and can be assisted with personal care tasks such as showering and grooming, while also receiving help to manage any medication or treatments from medical professionals. 

It has been demonstrated that when individuals are closely connected emotionally and psychologically with a partner, they can experience lower stress levels, feel that their life has a greater sense of purpose, and are more likely to engage in behaviours that maintain good health, such as taking medicine as prescribed. After all, it is much easier to feel relaxed and motivated to maintain your mental and physical health when you have a close friend or partner nearby to provide incentive and emotional support.

Because our dedicated staff take care of residents’ health and household needs, couples can spend more time together doing things that enhance their quality of life. Let us help to take the stress and worry out of making the move into Aged Care. Book a tour at one of TriCare’s beautiful, serene Aged Care facilities for couples and find out how we can support you and your partner have your care needs met while helping you to maintain your lifelong partnership.