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Let’s talk about aged care

Christmas is such a lovely time of the year when families all get together to celebrate the festive season.

It can also be a time where first changes are noticed – grandma has lost weight, grandpa isn’t as mobile as he used to be or elderly parents don’t seem as well as usual.

Starting a conversation about aged care isn’t easy. It can be fraught with emotion, and the aged care industry can often seem like a complex legal and financial maze.

TriCare Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence Facility Manager, Judy Carter says that families are often reluctant to discuss the issue of care needs as they feel that their parents, grandparents or extended family are fiercely independent and somehow the topic of increasing care seems disrespectful.

“Families need to open the dialogue in the best possible way, and that can often mean seeking an independent assessment or third party assistance where the facts can be presented without emotion, prejudice or feelings of disloyalty,” said Mrs Carter.

Often aged care needs aren’t discussed until an unexpected event occurs such as a broken hip or a serious health problem. The more time you have to plan, the more choices you will have which will be a better outcome for everyone involved.

Mrs Carter believes that waiting until a loved one is hospitalised is not the best way to enter aged care.

“Families should be exploring options from the moment they feel that care needs are increasing and arm themselves with the best knowledge about what is available as the next step in the care for those they love most.”

Your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is a good first point of contact to help determine what kind of care will best suit your needs.

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