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Once a couple, always a couple!

The bond between life partners can be profound, a connection that can deepen and become even more important as we get older. For many couples, the prospect of Residential Aged Care can be concerning if they’re worried that they might be separated from their beloved spouse. 

But the transition to Aged Care in Australia doesn’t have to mean living apart. The right Aged Care provider can offer options that allow partners to share this phase of life together, ensuring they receive the necessary care without compromising their emotional connection.

Staying together in Aged Care is good for your health

Growing older together has its own set of rewards and challenges. Moving into an Aged Care facility can be a time that the emotional support and companionship that couples provide each other is amplified even further.

Staying together in Aged Care can be of great benefit for couples because they can continue to be a source of support and comfort for one another. Studies also show that couples living together tend to have lower stress levels, and increased sense of purpose, and are more likely to adhere to health recommendations.


Accommodation for couples in Aged Care

At TriCare, we recognise the importance of togetherness. Companion Rooms in our Aged Care residences ensure that couples can remain close. Here, couples receive the comprehensive care they need without sacrificing the intimacy and emotional connection they’ve nurtured over their years together.

To be eligible, both partners need an ACAT assessment. As long as both partners meet the criteria, they can opt for couples accommodation, where available, in Aged Care facilities like TriCare.

How to choose Aged Care in Australia

Deciding on the right Aged Care residence for you and your partner might seem a little overwhelming, but there are some questions you can ask that might help clarify what’s important to you both. Of course, you’ll want to know about the types of accommodation available, and to look at the living spaces for yourself, ensuring they have enough room, that they’re comfortable, and that there’s everything you need for your new life together.

Below are some other questions you might want to ask.

What social support is available?

It's important to ensure you have a sense of community and remain active. Engaging in social events, cultural and religious services can greatly enrich the lifestyle of residents in Aged Care. Our lifestyle program includes daily activities, with caring staff that ensure our residents live their best lives.

Can we access services we want?

Your inspection shouldn’t stop at just your room. Make sure you also inspect the communal spaces, leisure and lifestyle activities, and ask about the personalised care services offered. At TriCare, we work closely with our residents to offer the activities they want at each of our facilities. 

Are differing needs supported?

It's vital to ensure that your individual health needs can be met. If one partner requires specialised care or support, such as secure dementia care, ask the Aged Care facility you’re visiting how they are equipped to provide support while ensuring you can stay close with one another as a couple. 

Our happy couples

“It’s been great as we have been able to stay together after 62 years. Being together, we are experiencing better quality of life. We are really happy that we still get to be together and are enjoying each other and our lives.”

Mr and Mrs Myers, Bayview Aged Care Residence

We love going to happy hour. The performers are great and we still have a little wheelchair dance together. Being together has helped us emotionally and made our transition to aged care a positive experience. The staff are so caring and they’ve helped us to better manage our health. We couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. We have been together for 63 years!”

Mr and Mrs Gibson, Bayview Aged Care Residence

TriCare’s approach to couples in Aged Care

The seamless integration of care, companionship, and community is at the heart of TriCare’s approach to aged care. Every individual, every couple, deserves a quality of life that reflects their unique needs and desires. At TriCare Aged Care Residences, we uphold this commitment to ensure that couples can thrive, love, and grow old together, even in Aged Care.