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Enjoy your lifestyle

Moving into Residential Aged Care doesn’t mean putting an end to doing what you love. At TriCare Aged Care Residences, we believe that everyone deserves to continue pursuing their passions and embrace new interests. 

Leisure and lifestyle in Aged Care is just as important as good health care. With our range of lifestyle activities, as a resident in our Aged Care residences (sometimes called aged care homes) you can not only maintain your cherished hobbies, but often discover new pursuits that will help to keep you active and engaged in the community.

How finding delight in every day can enrich body, mind and spirit

How finding delight in every day can enrich body, mind and spirit

Embracing a healthy and balanced lifestyle in Aged Care goes beyond just keeping busy. It’s about enhancing your quality of life as an individual, ensuring we’re taking care of your holistic wellbeing, and creating memorable experiences for each resident.

Our goal is to spark joy in your life every day.

Enriching the body

At TriCare, we offer a wide range of physical activities that not only help you to improve mobility, but can also boost your cardiovascular health, balance, and muscle tone. Whether it's gardening or dancing, our residents are empowered to move their bodies in ways that they enjoy and that is appropriate for their mobility.

Enriching the mind

Staying engaged and sparking joy in our everyday life is crucial for good mental health. Participating in activities in Aged Care that challenge the mind can help you to lift your mood and ward off depression, delay cognitive decline, improve your memory, and even introduce new skills and knowledge.

Enriching the spirit

Fostering connections, maintaining any religious or spiritual practices, sharing experiences, and expressing creativity are all encouraged by our Lifestyle Team. By being a part of communal gatherings, celebrations, and simply sharing stories, you can create bonds that nourish the spirit and help you to feel connected.

Activities are tailored to our residents

At TriCare, we have a wide range of activities and social events to keep you active and connected, from gentle exercise classes to inspiring arts and craft, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Our activity offerings are designed in consultation with the residents at each location, and you can join in as little or as much as you want – it’s your choice.

We believe in making your transition to Aged Care as easy as possible, and that includes making you comfortable and offering the activities you enjoy.