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Congratulations Jocelyn and Arthur on 75 years of marriage!

We were thrilled recently to celebrate a remarkable milestone for two of TriCare Ashgrove’s cherished residents. Jocelyn Clarke (95) and Arthur Clarke (96) recently marked their 75th wedding anniversary, surrounded by family and friends.

Jocelyn and Arthur’s love story wasn’t quite love at first sight, but when Arthur saw Jocelyn at the local tennis club in the early 1940s, he says he thought, “She doesn’t look too bad.”

Jocelyn and Arthur - Ashgrove

Jocelyn and Arthur married in 1948 at St Matthews Church in Sherwood when they were 20 and 21 respectively, with Jocelyn wearing a set of pearls she also wore to celebrate their anniversary, 75 years later.

“It was a really nice day,” says Jocelyn.

The celebration was even reported on Channel 10 News.

In 1951, the young newlyweds purchased a block of land in Ashgrove and built their family home, where they welcomed four beautiful daughters.

“We’re very grateful, and we’re very blessed, because we think we’ve had the best parents ever,” says Arthur and Jocelyn’s daughter Jan Gehrke.

Jocelyn and Arthur recently made the move to Residential Aged Care at TriCare Ashgrove, where they still sleep side-by-side every night.

“It’s heartwarming to know that you can allow people who have been married for 75 years to be able to continue on that journey even though they’re in residential aged care,” says Marjory Davie, Residential Manager at TriCare Ashgrove. “Their life doesn’t have to stop.”

The pair have been holding hands since they were love-struck teens, and they can truly say their marriage has stood the test of time.

The secret, according to Arthur, says is simple: “We loved each other.”

“We’re very lucky, that’s about all I can tell you,” adds Jocelyn.

All of us at TriCare feel privileged to now be a part of this remarkable couple’s continuing love story. Congratulations to Jocelyn and Arthur on 75 years and counting of love, laughter and friendship! May their example inspire all of us to nurture the relationships that matter most.

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