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Dementia Action Week: How we can all help

It’s Dementia Action Week in Australia on 18-24 September 2023. It’s a time to acknowledge those in our society who live with dementia, and to encourage everyone to take simple actions to create a dementia-friendly future for all Australians.

Dementia Action Week is led by Dementia Australia, and it includes World Alzheimer’s Day on Thursday 21 September.

Living with dementia can be challenging, and so can caring for someone with dementia, but there are ways we can all work together to create a safer and more welcoming environment.

Dementia Australia says we can help to do this by:

  1. Raising our own awareness and understanding of dementia
  2. Including, encouraging and empowering those with dementia to participate and remain connected in our communities
  3. Listen to people with dementia about what they need
  4. Make our environment dementia-friendly with things like clear signage, unambiguous seating (chairs that look like chairs), high-contract design features (different coloured toilet seats, clear buttons for flushing, clearly labelled taps, etc.), and avoiding sudden changes in lighting, providing quiet spaces to sit and rest
  5. Looking out for people in our communities by saying hello and showing kindness to those around us.

Dementia Australia says that communities that take action to become dementia-friendly have:

  • Less fear and a greater understanding of dementia
  • Less stigma and discrimination
  • More support and better systems for peope living with dementia to live well in their community for longer.

You can support Dementia Australia’s goal by signing their pledge.

As Dementia Australia says: a dementia-friendly future is a future that is better for everyone in the community.