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Elevate Your Patients’ Aged Care Experience: Introducing TriCare Ashgrove

Located just five kilometers north of Brisbane’s CBD, Ashgrove Aged Care Residence is set to become one of the south-east’s most desirable aged care facilities. Following in the footsteps of TriCare’s more recent builds, the facility will offer luxury, hotel-style accommodation in one of Brisbane’s premium inner-west suburbs.

Ashgrove Room

“TriCare Ashgrove will offer a premium residence for the discerning residents of the area,” says Facility Manager, Marjory Davie.

“For those living in Ashgrove, Paddington, Red Hill, Bardon – our residence is the ideal home for their loved one that may need just that little bit of extra support. They get to enjoy a beautiful space in their senior years while receiving the care they need.”

The construction of the 118 accommodation Ashgrove Aged Care Residence was completed just this week, with an opening date set for the 8th of November. The residence features an onsite Wellness Suite, café – aptly named The Grove, a private dining space for special occasions, and a Sky Terrace overlooking Ithaca Creek, the Broncos Leagues Club and training fields, and even featuring views of the Brisbane City skyline.

We believe the relaxed, upmarket style of the residence will be an appeal for those with loved ones that may be a bit more hesitant to transition to residential aged care,

explains Marjory.

“We understand it can be a difficult time for family, or even health practitioners, to recommend the need for 24/7 care. Seniors can often feel like they’re losing their independence, but this residence is designed to give them some continued independence while offering all the support they need.”

Residents take part in as many or as few lifestyle activities as they desire, book in for a haircut at the Wellness Suite, or have a coffee with friends at the café.

TriCare Ashgrove Aged Care Residence is not just a place to receive care; it’s a place for seniors to thrive and maintain their independence. With its scenic views and luxurious amenities, this facility ensures that residents can enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life while receiving the support and care they need.

TriCare Ashgrove will be hosting tours for healthcare professionals and industry partners in the coming week. Register your interest here to receive an invitation.