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Home Care vs Residential Aged Care

The thought of leaving one’s own home to move into aged care can be an understandably emotional one. It’s not only the older person needing care that can struggle. When it comes time to decide the amount of support you need to keep living the life you want, it’s normal for everyone involved to question whether receiving care in your own home (home care) is preferable to moving into a residential care (permanent care) setting. What’s important is taking the time to consider the needs and lifestyle of the older person and how these can best be catered for. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between home care and residential aged care, and the suitability of each.

Home Care

Home care refers to receiving support and care services while living in your own home. This means that home care providers will come to you on an as-needed basis, be that weekly or more often depending on the support required (sometimes known as a home care package). So, what are some of the benefits of home care?

  • A familiar environment

Research has shown that most people want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. In-home care services mean that the person can enjoy familiar surroundings and have continued access to their local community.

  • Independence

Receiving care at home can bolster feelings of independence, as the person will only receive care and support for things that they can no longer manage themselves.

On the other hand, home care services can be tricky to manage, as the person will have to liaise with home care providers to ensure that their needs are being met. This takes time and the initiative to organise care rosters and educate care staff regarding their care preferences. Another consideration is home care costs, as the person may need to modify aspects of their home, such as installing safety railings or a stair lift, and this can be costly and take considerable time to arrange. Ultimately, home care services are ideal for those with low care needs who may only need assistance with small, household tasks. It suits people who are also still able to be supported by family and friends regularly in between home care visits.

Residential Aged Care

As the name suggests, residential aged care refers to a person receiving care in a community designed to provide accommodation, medical care, and social activities. Here are some of the benefits of a residential care facility.

  • 24-Hour care and support

For people with higher support needs, moving to a residential aged care community can provide enormous peace of mind. Staff are on hand around the clock which means that residents won’t be left in the lurch if they need immediate or unexpected assistance. Also, consistency of residential care workers means that there will always be a friendly face on hand to reduce anxiety, as carers know the residents personally.

  • Community comes with the care

Although moving away from familiar surroundings can be daunting, high-quality residential care facilities are designed to provide social connections and enjoyable experiences. These communities provide activities and social groups to ensure that each resident finds joy in each day and can live life to the fullest.

  • Secure, safe accommodation

Look for residential care homes that provide quality, comfortable accommodation in thoughtfully designed surroundings. That way, residents can enjoy peace of mind and get on with doing what makes them happy, rather than worrying about the maintenance, repairs, and bills that come with managing one’s own home.

Making the move

While the initial move to an aged care facility can seem expensive, there are government subsidies in place to reduce these costs. Also, before deciding where and how to receive the care you need, it’s important to think carefully about the kind of lifestyle you want and the type of care that will best suit your needs. For those who have higher care needs, or those who want to leave behind the stress of managing a household, an aged care residence that can provide 24/7 care is a fantastic option over home care. To find out more about how TriCare Aged Care communities can help you keep living life to the full, book a tour today.