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I’ve never looked back!

According to resident Margaret Thorpe, the decision to move to TriCare’s James Ommaney Retirement Community had been daunting but ultimately good for her.

Ms Thorpe said she made the move after admiring the quiet, leafy streets of Mt Ommaney and listening to the encouraging words from residents returning from a shopping trip on the community bus.

“I have never looked back,” she said.

“After six months in hospital with a long difficult commute between Rockhampton and Brisbane for healthcare needs, I looked into living options in the local community”.

“I saw many villages that were too big or didn’t feel right and then I discovered James Ommaney Retirement Community nestled in the western suburbs of Brisbane. When you first drive in, it looks very pleasant and as you keep going, it just gets better”.

Leafy, peaceful surrounds at James Ommaney Retirement Community.

“It has lovely gardens, nice big rooms and plenty of space.”

Outdoor pool and spa for residents
Enjoy easy access to village facilities including an outdoor pool and spa.

Ms Thorpe said those considering moving to the retirement village would enjoy the range of activities and the freedom to join in as much or as little as they pleased.

“There is plenty to do and lots of activities to enjoy if you want to join in, or if not, that’s fine too,” she said.

“The staff are wonderful and there is no pressure. Coming to Brisbane and trying something new was good for me.”