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Kawana Waters ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’: Picnic Edition

The residents of Kawana Waters recently had a memorable adventure on their picnic lunch outing.

They set off on their bus on a perfectly sunny day towards the hills of Yandina, past the beautiful Wappa Falls, and then to a picnic lunch at Wappa Dam.

However, upon arriving at their destination, they found themselves under a huge rain cloud, and the deluge only got heavier and heavier. 🌧️ Plan B was formed, so the group headed towards some clear sky at Palmwoods to enjoy their beautiful gardens. The group arrived, only to find the gardens chained off and closed for the day. What a disappointment!

Not one to get discouraged, the Kawana Waters group decided that Plan C was to drive up the hill further to find a picnic spot, only to be confronted with a car accident right in their path. Luckily, the group was not involved, and everyone was ok. Their wonderful bus driver helped push the cars off the road and clear away all the damaged car parts, and then the group were on their way again.

It was time for decisive action! The group decided to change tracks altogether and head to the coast. They travelled out of the hills and arrived at Cotton Tree Beach where the sun shone, and the beach looked beautiful. One of the residents commented that they were now at Plan Z.

Out came the picnic tablecloths, a beautiful picnic lunch, and well-deserved hot cuppas all around. Not surprisingly, everyone agreed that they were starving. One resident walked down to the café and brought back some wonderful fish and chips to share with the other residents.

Will full bellies (finally), the group went for a walk out onto the jetty to take in the beautiful views. 🏖️

It was agreed by everyone that it had certainly been an action-packed day by the time they got back to Tricare Kawana Waters. This undaunted group of keen adventurers is already looking forward to their next outing. Sometimes the best plans are no plans.

You can learn more about Kawana Waters Aged Care Residence here.

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