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3 Luxury Retirement Living Features that Will Change Your Life

When people talk about downsizing in retirement, the focus is on finding a smaller, low-maintenance home that makes life easier. While these are undoubtedly essential criteria when looking for a new home in a Retirement Community, it’s important to also put a priority on those special features that add a little luxury to your day. After all, you’ve worked hard all your life and you deserve it!

After putting your heart and soul into providing a wonderful home for your family for many years, when the time comes to downsize, be sure to think about more than meeting your practical needs. Retirement is a wonderful and exciting new chapter in your life, where you have the freedom from work and family commitments to put the focus back on you. Add a little luxury to your retirement lifestyle, and with the time and space now available to enjoy it, it can be truly life-changing. Best of all, it may just be more achievable than you think. 

So if you’re keen to live your retirement in comfort and style (and who isn’t), read on to discover three luxury retirement living features that will change your life.

Modern style and everyday comfort

When looking for the ideal smaller home to rightsize to, the must-haves usually centre around location, convenience, accessibility and low-maintenance features—but don’t forget to add comfort and style to that list too. A bright, modern apartment or unit will include interior features that make you feel relaxed and at ease, as well as smart inclusions to make your days easier. On-trend colours, features and fittings are uplifting, and a brand-new kitchen and bathroom is a joy to be in (not to mention easier to clean). Modern homes are designed for comfortable, modern living, and are perfect for your new relaxed, retirement lifestyle.

Spectacular views to brighten your day

There’s no doubt that seeing a picturesque view out your bedroom window or as you relax on your private balcony is the ideal way to start and end your day. In fact, with a nice view available to you 24/7, you may find yourself grabbing every available moment to relax with a puzzle or a cuppa as you gaze out and take it all in! An apartment offers elevated views, which are lovely when the outlook is pleasant or over water, as seen from the balcony of our Stafford Lakes and Cypress Gardens communities. Equally a garden or treed outlook helps you feel close to nature and can give you a real boost. 

First-class facilities on your doorstep

With more time available each day to devote to doing the activities you love, having quality, modern facilities on your doorstep is a definite luxury that will add so much to your retirement lifestyle. In our Retirement Communities, our residents have access to a wide range of luxury facilities and services that have been carefully chosen to promote the positive health, wellbeing and happiness of all of our residents. There’s something to suit every mood from swimming pools and gyms to fine dining and comfortable communal lounges. Many of our communities even have their own hairdressing salon and spa and wellness services onsite, making pampering yourself easy and convenient. 

Make luxury a priority

Downsizing is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find a home that suits your every need—so be sure to make the most of it! This time around, you’re not trying to meet the many needs of family life, and this shift in priority means you have the chance to choose those special touches that may have been out of reach before.

When it comes to retirement, luxury shouldn’t be an afterthought—so bump it up the list and downsize to the house of your dreams!

If you’d like more information about our retirement living options or would like to organise a tour of our homes and facilities, get in touch with our team on 07 3360 9000 today!

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