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Meet the team: Aleisha Becker

Concerning excellence in customer service at TriCare, experience in the field of seniors living is a terrific bonus. Not only that but having a lived experience as a customer adds a level of understanding that is priceless. As our Client Services Manager, Aleisha Becker has both these levels of knowledge and uses them daily to help individuals and families make informed decisions on their Aged Care journey.

TriCare Aged Care - meet the team Aleisha Becker
Aleisha on a recent visit to Kawana Waters Aged Care Residence

With a background in hospitality and many years managing large-scale corporate events, conferences, and expos, Aleisha had lost the self-satisfaction she used to find in her profession.

“It all became just another event, so I began searching for something with a bit more substance where I could help others and bring back that self-reward.”

Aleisha started with TriCare in late 2012 as Admissions Assistant to the Care Placement Manager on a 6-month contract. Then, a position became available for a Care Placement Coordinator on a permanent basis, which she eagerly accepted. Aleisha worked alongside the Care Placement Manager and was responsible for managing all new enquiries for TriCare’s 14 Aged Care Residences at the time. This included the commissioning of Sunnybank Hills Aged Care Residence, which opened in 2016.

“With the Aged Care reforms in 2014, I was lucky to see many of our residences receive significant refurbishments. It was an exciting time for staff and residents.”

As Care Placement Coordinator, Aleisha was the main point of contact for prospective residents and their families, from the first phone call right through to admission. She also managed marketing activities for Aged Care and all of the administrative duties involved in the admission process.

In 2017 Aleisha went on maternity leave, and shortly after she resigned from her position in 2019, she continued to work part-time for another provider while raising her young family.

Looking for a new challenge but drawn by the familiarity of the role and team, Aleisha returned to TriCare in the role of Client Services Manager in 2022, leading the department she was once a part of. It was like she had never left!

These days, Aleisha is based at TriCare’s Head Office in Brisbane, leading a team of three. The Client Services Team receives and manages all of TriCare’s Aged Care enquiries before they’re passed on to our residence teams.

Aleisha is not only a trusted and central member of the TriCare team, but she also exemplifies the spirit of care that runs through all our departments. In fact, she was drawn to work in Aged Care because she had her own personal experiences with grandparents and extended family members who needed care in their senior years.

“I have experienced what it’s like from the families’ end and how hard it can be to navigate when you know nothing about Aged Care. It is a minefield to navigate so my goal is to inform and educate families on facts they need to know when beginning their Aged Care journey.”

A key part of Aleisha’s team’s responsibilities is being well-versed in the financial and legal aspects of entering into residential Aged Care, including understanding the Aged Care Act, and guiding prospective residents through an understandably challenging time.

When asked what she enjoys most about her role, she puts it simply – “Helping others.”

“We have families call that don’t know anything about Aged Care, the fees, the process, or even where to start.

“My team are here to guide them through the process so when we finish our conversation, they have an understanding of what is relevant to them and what they need to do next, and hopefully they feel relieved knowing we are here to help.”

As 2022 winds down, Aleisha and her team are looking forward to several projects in the new year. They will be working on the commissioning of two new facilities – Ashgrove and Williams Landing – and she is extra excited about Williams Landing as it will be TriCare’s first Aged Care Residence in Victoria.

“We are entering new territory, but I am up for the challenge!”

If you would like to find out more about our new facility in Williams Landing, Melbourne, visit its web page here. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our projects, we hope you’ll love our new facilities as much as we do!

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