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Meet the team: Ashgrove Facility Manager Marjory Davie

Our new facility at Ashgrove is so much more than just a state-of-the-art Aged Care Residence; it’s home to our incoming residents. Facility Manager Marjory Davie is there to welcome everyone and to enhance their experience to make sure they feel like they have the best of everything.

Opening its doors in early November, TriCare Ashgrove is already being recognised as one of Brisbane’s most sought-after Aged Care Residences, welcoming 19 residents in the past month.

With a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and a Masters of Business Administration under her belt, Marjory is no stranger to management. With two decades in the role and 8.5 years specialising in Residential Aged Care, Marjory brings a wealth of experience to Ashgrove. But what truly sets her apart is her innate ability to connect with people. 

“I’m very much a people person,” Marjory shares, “and am driven by a passion to achieve the best for residents, staff, and business.”

The TriCare Ashgrove launch has been a beacon of excitement for Marjory. “Ashgrove stands as a testament to first-class building,” she says. “What excites me is the opportunity to infuse it with first-class services and a team that ensures our residents experience unmatched quality in aged care.”

The fact that Marjory has lived experience with Aged Care means she understands what is important. 

“I have a parent in Aged Care, so I intimately understand the hopes families harbour for their loved ones. At TriCare Ashgrove, I am determined to ensure every resident feels as cherished, understood, and well-cared for as I wish for my own parent,” she says.

Marjory’s vision for the first few months at TriCare Ashgrove is clear: to lead by example. By fostering excellent training and support, hand-picking the best staff, and ensuring everyone prioritises person-centred care, Marjory is committed to putting the residents’ care and lives at the forefront of all decisions.

Ashgrove Sky Lounge

She says she will know she has succeeded when, “Our residents and families will be happy and engaged, residents and staff will all feel well-cared for, supported, loved and inspired!”

Marjory’s love for the Ashgrove area, with its quaint old Queenslanders and vibrant birdlife, mirrors her passion for ensuring the residents at TriCare Ashgrove experience a life full of joy, and purpose. Her belief that life doesn’t stop with the transition to Aged Care is at the heart of her vision for the facility.

Outside of her demanding role, Marjory enjoys family gatherings, cooking, travelling, and cycling around Brisbane, especially along the river. 

Marjory says she’s been loving her role so far: “I have been so excited to welcome residents and staff to what I can already see is a wonderfully caring and engaging environment.”

And if you’re thinking about making TriCare Ashgrove your new home, Marjory says, “You can expect the very best!”

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