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Meet the team: Deborah Waters

Bayview Place Aged Care Residence attracts individuals who want exceptional quality care in a stunning coastal location, so needless to say, expectations are high. The role of Facility Manager needs to be held by someone who is both highly organised and able to engage with people with warmth and kindness. That person is Deborah Waters, and although new to the role, she is already putting her stamp on Bayview Place and continuing its exacting standards.

TriCare Aged Care Gold Coast Deborah Waters
Deb Waters – Bayview Place Facility Manager

Deb began in her position as Facility Manager at Bayview Place at the beginning of the year, but she is by no means new to the healthcare and Aged Care industries. She has been in facility management for over 30 years and also has a background in healthcare. Starting her career in Nursing at Repatriation Hospital Heidelberg, in Melbourne, Deb spent time in a variety of wards during her graduate years until she finally settled in the ER. She then went on to complete her Graduate Diploma in Gerontology in 1998, giving her an in-depth understanding of the physical, mental, and social changes people experience as they age.

This impressive skillset ideally equips Deb to manage our Bayview Place Aged Care Residence, from the day-to-day tasks to the unexpected! She has found that it’s best to stay flexible and adapt to what each new day brings, as there is certainly no shortage of variety in her responsibilities.

Something that never changes, however, is how much Deb enjoys talking to the residents. Whatever else is going on, catching up with residents always puts things in perspective and brings her a lot of joy. You will often find Deb having a chat with residents on her daily rounds or during happy hour on Fridays. She finds it is a great way to be social, have fun, and find out first-hand what she can do for residents to make their lives better.

Deb has embraced her new role fully, both the good things and the challenging things. The satisfaction she gains every day fuels her desire to make Bayview Place the best it can be. To others in similar roles, she has the following advice.

“Some days are hard and very demanding. You need to focus on the good days and the positive changes you bring to residents and staff, as they outweigh the bad days ten to one.”

“Keep a list of the things you accomplish each day and be proud of your work. At the same time, know your limits and what can wait for another day as home time and family life is just as important. I also highly recommend having interests outside of work!”

Deb practices what she preaches, as she has some remarkable pursuits outside of TriCare. She goes to Kenya on free medical camps every two years (though this was unfortunately not possible during COVID times) for six weeks to join a Kenyan team in delivering free medical clinics to outlying villages.

As a fundamentally caring person, back home, Deb continues to look after others. She lives on acreage and tends to many animals including sheep, dogs, chickens, peacocks, and keeps bee hives. “I like to get home from work and check on all my animals with a glass of wine in hand as this helps me to unwind from a busy day.”

A very supportive family also recharges Deb, made up of her husband, three children, and six grandchildren.

Deb’s positive attitude and commitment to excellence means she is already a valuable asset to Bayview Place and a fantastic addition to the TriCare team. If you would like to find out more about our Bayview Place Aged Care Residence, please visit its web page here or book a tour here.

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