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Meet the team: Renee Parry

As a leading provider of Seniors Living and Seniors Care in Australia, it’s only natural that TriCare has assembled a team of stars to align with the high standard of the industry. From our Aged Care Residences to Retirement Communities, our staff have the knowledge, experience, and passion for serving our residents to the utmost degree. As you can imagine when it came to the individual whose key focus is to support those that support others, the benchmark was high.

Human Resources Manager Renee Parry joined TriCare at the start of the year, leading the Head Office HR Team. When asked what drew her to the company and role Renee put it simply, “TriCare’s reputation for quality care, which resonated with my own personal values.”

With almost 20 years of experience, Renee’s career has spanned many industries. Still, no matter the company or industry, the common goal is always supporting the precious human resources that are your team. Renee does this by providing practical advice and strategy for people.

A very multifaceted role; as Human Resources Manager, Renee manages a team of specialists to support, coach and guide the business in effectively managing and developing their people. Though a typical day for her varies greatly, it generally involves having strategic discussions with colleagues, holding meetings with her team and other departments, providing advice and identifying solutions, and planning for programs of work and how to best integrate them into the business. She also reviews data points of “people information” to understand and provides recommendations on where the company can make improvements.

“This has always been something that has come naturally to me, and so a career in HR seemed like the natural course for me to take. As it turns out, it was a good career choice, and I really enjoy what I do.”

Making her start at TriCare even more interesting, Renee has also met some of her more unusual work colleagues around the TriCare office.

“At the moment there always seem to be animals involved in various areas of work. There is Colin the Water Dragon, from Accounts, who seems to camouflage himself so well I nearly step on him when I am headed outside of the building. And then there is Bernard the Possum, who likes to swing by and hang outside the window to my office!”

It would seem that Renee is quite at home in nature, as one of her favourite hobbies is going for long walks, plus a new puppy has just joined her family! The human members are her 9-year-old son and her 6-year-old girl, who are of course thrilled by the furry addition to the family.

Looking ahead, Renee is anticipating providing solutions and making a positive change to the organisation, which she greatly enjoys. She has created a strong foundation for doing a fantastic job, and we wish her all the best.

If you are keen to join the TriCare family like Renee, visit our Careers page to find out more.