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An original poem by Robin Harvey: “TRI”

The TriCare community is incredibly diverse, full of innovators, big personalities, carers, adventurers, and creators. This is what makes our Residences such interesting places to call home! One of the creative members of our community is Robin Harvey from our Mermaid Beach Aged Care Residence. Though new to Mermaid Beach, Robin has found that the care she receives has already had a big impact to her quality of life, and she has taken the time to express her gratitude in a beautiful poem.

Robin Harvey

Here is the poem by Robin, titled “TRI”.

TRI – by Robin Harvey

“T” for tranquility
“R” for reality
“I” for infinity

Tri as I might
I never was
ready for an “aged
care facility”
Nor could I perceive
my days remaining
would be spent
In the company of
others like me.

But here I am
there’s only me
happy there’s also

I have to admit
I’m no longer fit
to take care of me
on my own

So Tri as I might
I have to say
“this is a very sweet
place to be”

We’re all of an age
when we’ve reached the
of various levels of
There are angels here
all of them smiling
just to take care
of you and me.

The variety!

They come from all the
world over
Australia and Europe
Africa and Asia!
the Americas, South
or North

So, I’ve asked them to
teach me their
“hellos” and “good
their “thank yous” and
anything easy

It could very well be
that I’ll become
in the fun time left
for me

They give us comfort
and kindness
help and assistance
and I’m thankful
for whatever they do

They’ve become part
of my life
it’s a relief to be


Tricare Mermaid Beach
Aged care Residence.


Thank you so much to Robin for writing and sharing this wonderful poem. It means so much to all the TriCare team to know that our residents are happy and thriving. If this prose has inspired you to find out more about the Mermaid Beach Aged Care Residence, you can visit its webpage here or book a tour of the community here. Or if it has inspired you to pick up a pen and craft your own poem, happy writing!

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