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Benefits of balance training tenfold at TriCare James Ommaney

It’s fitness first on Friday mornings at TriCare James Ommaney Retirement Community where residents get together for their regular balance class.

Accredited exercise physiologist, David Tyler, conducts the weekly classes with an emphasis on balance and falls prevention.

“Being active is one of the best ways to keep you mentally and physically healthy as you age.

The classes are designed to maintain strength and balance, restore confidence and make participants steadier on their feet. 

We have a very friendly group and there is absolutely no pressure to achieve each exercise; residents are encouraged to work at their own pace,” said Mr Tyler.

With a focus on balance and strength, residents move through a series of exercises, seated and standing, predominantly to build up muscle strength in their legs. Exercises include heel and toe walking and single leg balancing.

Standing exercises promote strength, balance and co-ordination to improve steady movements, shifting body weight to prevent falls from occurring.

Through the use of exercise equipment such as dumb bells and resistant bands, residents also work on their upper body strength.

Village manager, Steven Pashley says the class is popular amongst residents because of its practical application.

“Balance and strength training helps with a range of daily activities such as gardening, cleaning or even the simple action of reaching for the top shelf in the kitchen.

It’s also a good opportunity for residents to get out of their apartments and catch up with each other,” said Mr Pashley.

For further information contact Village Manager, Steven Pashley on 07 3376 1336.