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Egg-cellent Easter Roundup

Residents and staff went to egg-straordinary lengths recently to ensure everybunny at TriCare had an egg-stra special Easter time.

Wear your Easter bonnet…

It’s just not Easter without some beautiful hats! The Mermaid Beach Craft Club were certainly the grandest ladies in the Easter parade, having spent some time crafting colourful bonnets for the Easter season. With festive feathers, flowers and crafty adornments, the Mermaid Beach residents brought smiles to everyone’s faces in their happy headgear.

Counting their chickens…

Social nest-working was the order of the day at Cypress Gardens, as residents got to spend a fortnight with some real live chicks! The brood started with three chicks, with a few more eggs in the incubator waiting to hatch. Over the next few days, more chicks arrived and more of the residents got room visits from the beautiful little baby chickies. The residents enjoyed seeing, holding, and watching them moving around together in the Easter basket. Holding the little cuties and listening to them chirping away at one another was the perfect Easter treat!

Baskets of fun…

All around the meadow, Lifestyle Teams were preparing memorable Easter activities for residents to enjoy. At Sunnybank Hills, residents made the most of the Easter celebrations. They enjoyed some tabletop games specifically designed for easy visibility; the large cards and dominos were a hit. The Lifestyle Team did an incredible job decorating their on-site café and served cappuccinos with chocolate and hot cross buns. They also prepared handmade organza bags, so each resident received an Easter bunny and eggs!

At Upper Mount Gravatt all the residents and staff enjoyed the beautifully decorated centre, and a delicious Easter morning tea with traditional Easter eggs and raffle baskets. Pinky the Easter Bunny also paid a visit to Mt Gravatt, and she did not forget to bring chocolates for all residents. She hopped around each wing giving residents big hugs and there was plenty of laughter. Residents even had a chance to take a photo with Pinky!

Kawana Waters residents also had a lovely time in the lead up to Easter, making beautiful decorations. On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny arrived to deliver chocolate eggs to all the residents! But residents who couldn’t have chocolate didn’t miss out; they were treated to a knitted rabbit from the wonderful volunteers at Kawana Waters. Everyone had a wonderful time.

We hope that everyone in the TriCare family had an enjoyable Easter season. We would also like to thank all the Lifestyle Teams, staff, and residents for hopping into the spirit to make the celebrations truly eggs-cellent!

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