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Essential allied health services in Aged Care

As we age, many of us will need some extra support to stay active and maintain our overall body health through exercise. At TriCare Aged Care Residences, we make sure our residents are supported with a range of allied health services so they can do just that. Along with occupational therapy, podiatry, and speech therapy, our physiotherapists do an amazing job of keeping our residents safely mobile, so they can keep enjoying their favourite activities.

TriCare Aged Care blog - allied health

Ryan Hickling, from Encara Physiotherapy, oversees the provision of physiotherapy services to residents in TriCare’s Gold Coast residences. As Encara’s Regional Manager for the Gold Coast and Northern NSW region, Ryan knows exactly how important it is for residents to receive timely and effective physiotherapy to support their everyday movement, strength, and balance.

“There is a great need for physiotherapy in Aged Care settings for residents whose mobility is declining,” Ryan says.

One of the biggest contributions of allied health services to TriCare’s Aged Care Residences is to promote healthy ageing, and in turn, increase quality of life for our residents. Physiotherapy can help with a whole range of mobility issues, including supporting residents to maintain the strength and movement they already have, to keep them as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Rehabilitation after an illness or injury is also a large part of physiotherapy in the Aged Care setting, as Ryan explains.

For someone who may have had a setback from injury or illness, it can help them get back to where they were and then maintain that general mobility, joint mobility, strengthening, and reduce the risk of falls which is unfortunately a common risk for seniors.

TriCare Aged Care blog - allied health

Because every resident is different, Encara physiotherapists spend time consulting with the resident, and their family, if needed, and complete an initial assessment. This allows both therapist and resident to take stock of the situation and set some goals for the treatment. Encara physiotherapists will also liaise with the resident’s GP to ensure continuity of care. From that initial assessment, the therapist will make a personal plan and meet with the resident for ongoing appointments, to keep the treatment on track.

For Ryan and the Encara team, good physiotherapy is all about personalised care with therapists who are across your loved one’s case and know the kind of treatment that will bring about the best results.

You can find out more about Encara and their work on their website here. For more information on how the allied health services available in TriCare Aged Care Residences can keep your mobility at its best, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 3360 9000 or book a tour at the location of your choice.

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