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Hastings Point residents try out the new Northern Rivers Rail Trail

Take five adventurous cyclists, idyllic weather, and a brand new path open for exploration, and you have the recipe for a fantastic day out! A group of Hastings Point Retirement Community residents recently tackled the newly opened Tweed section of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek.

The group left their cars at Mooball, jumped on their bikes, and rode south to the Trail End, just past Crabbes Creek. After stopping for a photo shoot (it’s important to capture those memories!), they headed north, past Mooball and Burringbar, then up a long slow rise to the Burringbar Range Tunnel.

The tunnel was a highlight of the ride. Pitch black, no lighting, and about 500+ metres long. If you look at the photo with the tunnel behind the group, the little light dot is the light at the far end of the tunnel. It certainly made for interesting riding conditions!

Proceeding beyond the tunnel, the group arrived at the thriving metropolis (wink!) of Stokers Siding. By this time, they had cycled about 18kms, so it was the perfect time to discover a local farm-stay property where they could refresh with a welcome coffee. The farm-stay, called Hosanna, features a café, a shop with local produce, and conducts animal feeding for children. On their journey, the group also passed some lovely scenery with creeks nestled in wooded groves and past a hydroponics farm with lettuces and other goodies on display.

Except for a section near Mooball, which is tarred, the track was an easily negotiable gravel surface which made for pleasant going from start to finish. It also helped that the group motivated each other throughout the ride and since the trip was such a success, they are already looking forward to their next adventure.

If you would like to find out more about where the group cycled, you can visit the NRRT page here, and if you are interested in the Hastings Point Retirement Community, please click here.

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