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How couples with different needs can stay together in Aged Care and Retirement Communities

If you’re contemplating Aged Care options for either yourself or your spouse, the thought of being separated from your beloved partner can be upsetting. Maintaining your relationship and receiving the care you need are top priorities, and you shouldn’t have to choose between the two. 

That’s why co-located living might be the perfect solution for you. That’s where one person lives in Residential Aged Care and the other in Retirement Living, but you can still be close to one another. Let’s look at the benefits of co-located living, how it works, and where you can find co-located living options.

The benefits of staying together

When you’ve shared a lifetime of memories with your partner, the thought of being separated can be distressing. But staying together, even if one of you requires a bit of extra care, offers numerous emotional, psychological, and physical benefits that can contribute to an even stronger bond:

  • Emotional wellbeing: Maintaining a strong emotional connection with your partner can significantly impact your emotional wellbeing. Studies have consistently shown that couples who remain emotionally connected experience lower stress levels and a greater sense of overall happiness. 
  • Sense of purpose: For many couples, having a lifelong partner by your side can bring a sense of purpose and continuity. Sharing your journey with a loved one provides motivation and encouragement to embrace life’s opportunities and overcome obstacles together.
  • Healthier behaviours: When you’re in a loving and supportive relationship, you are more likely to engage in healthier behaviours. Partners often motivate each other to make positive lifestyle choices, such as staying active, eating well, and attending medical appointments. This mutual encouragement contributes to better physical and mental health outcomes for both partners.
  • Emotional support: If one partner requires additional care, having your beloved spouse nearby can offer extra emotional support. Being able to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings with a trusted partner can alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Enhanced quality of life: Co-located living allows both partners to experience an enhanced quality of life. While one partner receives personalised care and attention, the other can enjoy the benefits of a supportive community and engaging activities. The opportunity to share meals, participate in social events, and create new memories together can enrich your daily life.
  • A journey together: Ageing is a journey that presents its share of challenges and joys. By choosing co-located living, you and your partner can continue this journey side-by-side. This shared experience can not only strengthen your bond, but also create a sense of security, knowing you can face uncertainty or challenges together.

Understanding co-located living

Co-located Living at TriCare offers a unique and thoughtful solution for couples with differing care needs. In this arrangement, both you and your partner can remain close together while residing in separate but neighbouring living spaces. One of you will have the opportunity to live in one of our friendly Aged Care facilities, where you’ll receive the specialised care and support tailored to your individual requirements. Meanwhile, the other partner can enjoy the comfort and independence of one of our Retirement Communities, conveniently located nearby.

While those in Aged Care are provided with professional care and assistance with daily household tasks, personal care, meals, and medication management, the partner in Retirement Community Living can continue to maintain their active and social lifestyle.

With Co-located Living, you can cherish the emotional connection and companionship you share with your partner, all while benefitting from the level of professional care and support that each of you needs. This unique living arrangement allows you both to thrive, creating an enriching and fulfilling experience as you journey through life together.

Discovering co-located living options

At TriCare, we offer co-located retirement communities and aged care residences at five convenient locations:

1. Bayview Place Aged Care Residence/Runaway Bay Retirement Community, Runaway Bay, Qld

2. Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence/Cypress Gardens Retirement Community, Clear Island Waters, Qld

3. Jindalee Aged Care Residence/James Ommaney Retirement Community, Mt Ommaney, Qld

4. Upper Mount Gravatt Aged Care Residence/Mt Gravatt Retirement Community, Mt Gravatt, Qld

5. Stafford Lakes Aged Care Residence/Stafford Lakes Retirement Community, Chermside West, Qld

By choosing one of these co-located options, you and your partner can find a welcoming community that feels like home, and allows you to enjoy each other’s company.

What our residents love about co-located living

Couples who have embraced co-located living at TriCare have found it to be a positive experience. The peace of mind that comes from knowing they can stay together, even if one partner’s care needs change, has been a significant relief. 

This is what Mt Gravatt Retirement Community resident Margaret Memmott had to say about how co-located living has worked for her and her husband. 

“My husband and I moved into Tricare Retirement Living at Mount Gravatt as it became clear that we needed to downsize to allow us to enjoy easier living,” she said. “We chose TriCare, Mt Gravatt as it had a nursing home at the back for if and when we might need it.

“After a couple of years enjoying our lives, my husband began having many falls, two of which resulted in two brain bleeds, operations, rehab, etc. It soon became clear I was no longer able to care for him and on medical advice a nursing home was required.”

Although Margaret’s husband first stayed at another Aged Care Residence for a short period, a room soon became available at Upper Mt Gravatt Aged Care Residence.

“Living in close proximity is such a blessing to us both, for which we are very grateful,” said Margaret. “We are so pleased we chose TriCare Mt Gravatt.”

Want to learn more?

If you’re considering Aged Care options and want to stay close to your partner, you might like to consider co-located living with TriCare. Embrace the benefits of maintaining your emotional connection while receiving personalised care tailored to your needs. With our co-located Retirement Communities and Aged Care Residences, you can enjoy life confidently, with your beloved partner by your side. 

If you’d like more information about our co-located options, or would like to organise a tour of our homes and facilities, get in touch with our team on 1300 874 2273 today!

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