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Nurturing the soul with holistic Aged Care

A person is much more than physical attributes; we are also our memories, emotions, beliefs, and aspirations. Understanding this is key to providing holistic care in an Aged Care setting, as exemplified at our Sunnybank Hills Aged Care Residence. They embrace a holistic care approach, which includes their multi-denominational space, the Reflections Chapel.

Amanda Deol, the Sunnybank Hills Facility Manager, regularly spends time with residents in the space. She recently spent time with Shirley in the Chapel, taking a quiet moment to read together.

TriCare Sunnybank Hills Aged Care blog - holistic care

Holistic care allows elderly adults to live a more meaningful life and provides significant benefits, including:

  • Independence and autonomy
  • Meaningful support from caregivers
  • Spiritual and/or cultural support
  • A more positive outlook on life
TriCare Sunnybank Hills Aged Care blog - holistic care

Providing a space for spiritual wellbeing supports residents to express their morals and ethics, and explore their sense of purpose and meaning in life. It welcomes their religious practices and any personal practices that they feel enhance their spiritual connections.

The Reflections Chapel at Sunnybank Hills is an important way the staff cares for residents as whole people.

Learn more about the Sunnybank Hills Aged Care Residence.

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