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Volunteer profile: Annette Sauer

Let’s hear it for volunteers! This last week, TriCare has been celebrating National Volunteer Week. Many of our communities are enriched thanks to the time, skill, and care provided by volunteers, and we acknowledge this generosity with our tremendous gratitude.

To mark the end of National Volunteer Week, we would like to share the story of one of our volunteers.

Annette Sauer is a regular volunteer at the Upper Mt Gravatt Aged Care Residence. She comes once a month to participate in the arts and craft sessions organised by the Lifestyle Team.

Annette Sauer

Annette has a knack for making things and creativity. Notably, she is a kind, clear, and patient instructor who enjoys sharing time with the Upper Mt Gravatt residents. She supports people to participate in the craft projects, step by step, and is very happy to be of help to the Lifestyle Team.

Likewise, the Mt Gravatt Lifestyle Team is extremely grateful to Annette for not only helping with the craft, but for her friendly and bright personality, which makes the craft sessions even more enjoyable for both residents and staff.

The benefits of volunteers to our Residences are immense. A new and cheerful face, in addition to the care and knowledge they bring, makes volunteers a highly valued part of the TriCare family.

Find out more about the Upper Mt Gravatt Aged Care Residence by clicking here, and click below to book a tour of this wonderful community.

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