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Volunteer programs invaluable to residents at TriCare Cypress Gardens

Volunteers play an important role in the day to day life at TriCare Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence regularly providing care, assistance and companionship to residents.

According to Volunteering Australia, the definition of volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain, and that shines through with the volunteers that frequent TriCare Cypress Gardens according to Facility Manager Judy Carter.

“We are very blessed with some wonderful and selfless volunteer including two students from the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Service who visit our centre regularly.

From Shelia from St Vincent’s de Paul Society who visits residents that may not have family living close by, to our four legged volunteer, Louis the poodle, who spreads unconditional love to everyone he visits, our volunteers play an invaluable role at TriCare Cypress Gardens,” said Mrs Carter.

Andrew and Hayley volunteer at TriCare Cypress Gardens through the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Scheme, helping out in the laundry and the resident Lifestyle Program.

“Andrew particularly enjoys working with our laundry team and enjoys taking part in events at TriCare Cypress Gardens while he is here.

Hayley assists the Lifestyle team with activities once a fortnight and the residents really enjoy having a young person around, often reminding them of their own grandchildren,” said Mrs Carter.

A new volunteer program that TriCare Cypress Gardens has recently engaged with is the Queensland Government’s Community Visitors Scheme which introduces volunteers to people in residential care.

Participation in the program has enabled TriCare Cypress Gardens to match up residents that may not have family living close, with volunteers, that come once a week to sit and chat with a resident.

Mrs Carter said TriCare’s involvement in the Scheme has been very successful.

“It is wonderful to see how the simple act of spending time with someone can remove a layer of isolation and change a residents’ life”.