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The Power of Positive Ageing in Residential Care

For older adults who are used to living independently, the move to a residential aged care community is a big adjustment. To support a smooth transition, finding a residence with caring staff and comfortable accommodation is obviously essential. But another key factor in transitioning successfully and being happy in the longer term is an environment with a focus on positive ageing.

The Australian Psychological Society defines positive ageing as: ‘the process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you age’. A positive attitude towards ageing is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. It provides a sense of control and wellbeing over your changing needs and circumstances, while also helping you to see the many things you can do, instead of getting hung up on what you can’t.

There are lots of activities and attitudes that can be incorporated into residential aged care to promote, encourage and support positive ageing. In this article we share some of the simple yet powerful ways our Aged Care Residences foster this.

Make some music

Music therapy is a research-based allied health profession where music is used to help people of all ages improve their health and wellbeing, and enhance their quality of life. Registered music therapists are skilled musicians and trained therapists who use musical experiences to achieve client goals such as improved mood, physical function, cognition, wellbeing, and any other areas of concern. Our aged care residents enjoy music therapy classes with trained therapists who visit on a regular basis.

Let your creativity run free

Art therapists work with individuals and groups, using painting, dance, drama and other visual art mediums to help elders define and express their feelings. Art therapy focuses on the power of the process to enable change and understanding, rather than the finished product. But that doesn’t stop our residents from creating some beautiful artwork along the way!

Connect with each other

One of the biggest life lessons for many of us in recent times is the discovery of just how dependent our wellbeing is on our interactions with others. In our aged care communities, we organise daily social activities to facilitate casual get togethers for staff and residents, including bingo, games and news reading.

Residents also have the opportunity to mingle with others over lunch, while walking the grounds or during any of the organised activities. Our team are also committed to treating every resident with compassion and care, just as we would expect ourselves and our family to be cared for, which allows for genuine connection between staff and residents.

Eat well and keep moving

When we eat well and stay active, we feel better about ourselves, and this in turn leads to a more positive mindset. Our aged care residents enjoy healthy daily meals prepared on-site by our chef and are encouraged and supported to participate in exercise at a level suited to their ability.  

Connect with nature

The healing and calming powers of nature are well-known—in fact, even just a few minutes spent outside watching, listening, tasting, smelling and feeling your surrounds can be highly beneficial. Our residents spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying the serenity, whether it’s a walk around the gardens, sitting quietly under a tree, or catching up with family and friends.

Positivity is a powerful thing

No matter your age or stage of life, a positive outlook is always a good thing. So look for ways in the everyday to boost your mood, look after your body and connect with others. It can be a small action like pausing in nature for a few minutes or something larger like signing up for an art therapy class. Whatever you do, when it comes from a place of positivity it will serve you well.

If you’d like to know more about our Aged Care Residences, please get in touch. Our friendly team are always happy to offer advice over the phone, or you can organise a tour to come and see our community, accommodation and facilities for yourself.

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