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Resident Story: Bill’s life of love and faith

TriCare Retirement Communities are wonderfully diverse, and everyone has a story to tell. It is a privilege for staff who get to hear from residents first-hand – in fact, the tales are so rich that they deserve a bigger audience. We hope these blogs provide insight into the amazing lives of our remarkable residents. In this resident story, we will meet Bill Adams, a Cypress Gardens Retirement Community resident.

It seems that life is moving faster and faster with every passing year, so it’s lovely to find people who exemplify making the most of each day. This is the case for Bill, who came to live at the Cypress Gardens Retirement Living Community in 2016, just a few months after his wife, Pat, moved in at Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence. Family and strong faith coloured their life together, and when Pat’s care needs changed a few years ago, the couple sought Residential Aged Care for Pat where Bill could still be close by.

Faith had always been a big part of both their lives, and it even played a part in how Bill and Pat met! The pair attended the same youth group, and while on a group picnic, Bill was caught without any lunch, having failed to bring any with him. Luckily, Pat saved the day by offering Bill some of her extra sausages – and the rest, as they say, is history! Later, the couple married and had four children – Rick, Stuart, Russell, and Mark – with ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren following in good order, with another on the way!

Sadly, Bill and Pat’s time together came to an end when Pat passed away in late 2020. However, the couple enjoyed their time together at Cypress Gardens, with Bill spending most of his time with Pat during the day at the Aged Care Residence. The pair were inseparable, with Bill regularly bringing Pat across to the Retirement Community to enjoy social activities, watch movies and spend time walking together in the beautiful grounds.

This togetherness was the habit of a lifetime, as the pair had travelled around Australia and the world, thanks to their involvement in the Methodist church. Bill entered the Methodist ministry after completing his school days at one of Australia’s oldest schools, Fort Street Boys’ High School in Petersham, attending Teachers’ College and teaching maths and science for six years. Over fifty years as a minister, Bill took every opportunity to meet people in different circumstances, share the Good News and provide care to those in need.

Pat particularly enjoyed the travel that came with Bill’s line of work, and the couple enjoyed attending Church conferences all over the world. The couple spent time in Rome, Prague, Switzerland, Dublin, and the USA, but their favourite travel memories involved driving around the English countryside and time spent together on cruises.

Although, at times, Bill wondered whether his commitment to the ministry would last, his curiosity about how things work and the meaning of life kept him fully involved in the Church. He even held several leadership positions, including Moderator, in New South Wales in 1989 and 1990. While Bill officially retired in 2000, he still conducts services for TriCare residents on special occasions.

Although he is now on his own, Bill has been sustained by his belief in a God of love who cares for everyone. He enjoys spending time with people and is kept busy as the Chairman of the Cypress Gardens Resident’s Committee. In this capacity, Bill likes to get amongst it in the community, playing putt-putt golf, catching a movie at the cinema, and joining in with many social activities and community meals.

Bill also possesses a not-so-hidden talent for writing books – he’s a published author! Bill became an accomplished touch-typist during his dissertation for his Doctorate of Ministry from the San Francisco Theological Seminary, and this skill comes in handy when he needs to get his ideas down on paper.

Reflecting on a life well lived and filled with the love and companionship of his wife Pat, Bill says that he is grateful that he has been able to do all the things he wanted to do. He is thankful for his marriage to Pat and the family they raised together. “I would do it all again,” Bill assures us.

Thank you to Bill for making our Community part of your story and sharing your heartwarming story with us.

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