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Best vacation destinations for senior travellers

Is the travel bug biting? If you’ve been itching to hit the road – or air or seas! – we’ve got some inspiration for you. Allow us to suggest some of the best holiday destinations for the more mature traveller; from our own backyard to some far-flung cities, here are the hot tips on how to create a memorable adventure for the savvy senior explorer.

Tips for senior travellers

Before you get out the suitcase, it’s a good idea to consider how your chosen destination will deliver with regard to your expectations. As well as the time of year, the prospect of crowds and the likelihood of poor weather, there are a few extra things senior travellers should explore before hitting the road. For longer or international trips, how does your destination measure up for access to health care, should you require it? What about access to transport and ease of getting around? Are there any accessibility needs you might need to check on before you book? It’s the research that you put in before you go that will allow you to really relax and enjoy your longed-for trip.

The comforts of home

There’s nothing that will ruin a holiday quicker than that niggling worry that you’ve left a window unlocked or forgotten to organise someone to water your plants while you’re away. It’s important to nail down the details about who will keep an eye on your earthly goods while you head off on your adventure. If no obliging neighbour or family member is available to help, there are many websites and services that connect travellers with a reliable house-sitter. Of course, for those lucky seniors who live in a Retirement Community, home security and yard maintenance are nothing to worry about – their Village Manager will make sure home is just as the travellers left it. That’s one less thing for you to worry about while you’re making memories!

There’s nothing like Australia

We Aussies have been blessed with some of the most incredible natural wonders right on our own doorstep.

The Red Centre

For culture, natural beauty, and unforgettable experiences, it’s hard to go past Uluru. With walks, driving and tours you can take in the spectacular sites of Uluru itself, as well as the ancient beauty of the Kata Tjuta domes and connect with the timeless culture of the Anangu people.

TriCare Retirement Living Blog - Best vacation destinations for senior travellers


For lovers of cooler climates and outstanding natural features, the Apple Isle is not to be missed. From the heritage attractions in Hobart in the south, the cultural enticements of Launceston in the north, and exciting experiences for foodies all over, Tasmania is a feast for the senses.

TriCare Retirement Living Blog - Best vacation destinations for senior travellers
Cradle Mountain

Resident recommendation: Broken Hill

Kate Bennett and Rod Rowe from Hayville Retirement Community enthusiastically recommend Broken Hill as an interesting holiday destination. As a mining town, there are several historical displays in Broken Hill commemorating the people who worked the mines. Kate and Rod also enjoy stopping at Bell’s Milk Bar for some 1950’s themed treats and the hugely impressive Big Picture – a work of art 100m long. Not to be missed is the huge silver stiletto at The Palace Hotel used in the filming of Priscilla – Queen of the Desert!

Up, up, and away

Now that international travel is on the cards post-pandemic, it’s the perfect time to explore some senior-friendly destinations overseas.

Discover Asia

Our near neighbours are some of the most exciting locations to begin a retirement adventure. Japan is a particularly senior-friendly destination, with almost 30% of its population aged over 65, and a culture that embraces the active participation of its older members. For authentic cultural connection, try Cambodia or Vietnam, or for the bright lights of the city, Malaysia or Thailand won’t disappoint.

TriCare Retirement Living Blog - Best vacation destinations for senior travellers

Resident recommendation: Antarctica

Carol and her husband from Stafford Lakes Retirement Community went to the end of the world for an Antarctic cruise adventure at the start of this year. As experienced travellers, they can confidently say that there is no place on earth like it. They were in awe of the scenery each day: the icy mountains, glaciers flowing down to the sea, the different types of ice in the water –  flat sea ice, brash ice, and of course, the magnificent icebergs, some as big as small countries. Seeing penguins, seals, and whales in their natural habitat is something they will never forget.

Bucket list: sorted

For many retirees, now is the time to tick off those bucket list items that you’ve been longing to enjoy. Here are some ideas for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will give your kids serious Instagram-envy!

  • Hit the highest heights at Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Get up close to nature in The Galapagos Islands
  • Ride the rails through the Canadian Rockies
  • Experience the natural splendour of Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • Sleep with the fishesin luxury underwater suites at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai
TriCare Retirement Living Blog - Best vacation destinations for senior travellers
Victoria Falls

Mind how you go

Of course, there are also many ways to travel to and around your destination, and the choices you make here may affect how much enjoyment you get out of your journey. For independence and the ability to discover hidden gems off the beaten track, a caravan or hire car might be the best option. For single travellers, or those for whom social opportunities are a highlight, joining an organised tour could see you enjoying new friendships as well as new experiences. And for those who want to relax and let someone else do the hard yards, a luxury cruise or train journey might be just the ticket!

There is so much of life still to explore in your retirement years. Don’t let worries about looking after your home stop you from venturing forth to adventure! Contact TriCare today to see how our Retirement Living communities can give you the freedom to chase new experiences.

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