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Cricket anyone?

If you thought cricket was a game for the young, think again.

Twice a month a group of active residents living at TriCare Runaway Bay Retirement Community meet up for a social game of cricket on the Village’s very own pitch.

Initiated by resident Paul Newell, the games are enjoyed by everyone involved and are a great way to get out in the fresh air and stay fit.

“I always enjoyed playing cricket at school and thought there was no reason why we couldn’t play in our retirement.”

“It’s a social activity and also a great way to get people out of their units and to keep active,” said Mr Newell.

Played with a tennis ball rather than a hard ball, it’s more like backyard cricket where everyone gets a turn to bat, bowl and field.

The games are open to anyone in the Village with a number of women, as well as men, making up the group.

As you get older you are more hesitant playing sport because of the chance of injury said Mr Newell.

“We have eight or so people coming each time we play, with a few spectators on the sidelines. I anticipate it will become more popular at the Village once the weather gets better.”

Mr Newell and his wife Annette moved into the relaxed waterfront Village a number of years ago and really enjoy the lifestyle.

“We have lovely views of the canals and are only a short walk to the shops and essential services close by.”