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Full social calendar ensures residents always feel welcome

Residents at TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community are provided with many different opportunities to meet up with their neighbours and socialise through its active social committee.

One of the many benefits of moving into a retirement village such as TriCare Compton Gardens is that there is always something to do, and the wide choice of activities means there are plenty of friends around.

Some of the events on this year’s social calendar include games evenings, bingo, movie nights and various bus trips within and outside Brisbane.

The monthly Sunday concerts are also very popular with performances from jazz bands, barber shop quartets and local school bands and choirs. These occasions are followed by afternoon tea where residents can stay on and catch up with their fellow neighbours.

One popular event is the monthly happy hour.

Originally instigated by a resident four years ago, this regular event is now organized by the social committee with the main aim of getting residents together in a relaxed social environment

Resident and social committee chair, Peter Myska says that happy hour is a great opportunity for residents to catch up in a relaxed environment, over a drink and enjoy each others’ company.

“Everyone is busy with their own lives, so happy hour is one event where residents can mark it on their calendar each month to catch up.”

“Social isolation can be an issue as you get older so we want to provide as many different opportunities as possible for residents to get out and see other people.”

The social committee also donates money to many worthy causes with funds raised at its events including the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea, drought relief programs and music programs at local schools.