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How our Retirement Community residents keep active

Given the choice, many of us would rather wear out than rust out and there are plenty of ways to keep active in retirement – it’s just a matter of choosing your own adventure! TriCare Retirement Communities provide lots of opportunities for residents to get moving and feel great. Let’s jump in feet first and explore some of the fitness activities for seniors that are winners with our residents.

Aqua Aerobics

You won’t be treading water if you take up aqua aerobics; this joint-friendly activity will keep you in the swim! One of the major benefits of aqua aerobics is that it allows you to exercise without the strain on sore muscles and joints. It’s the perfect choice for those suffering from arthritis, or who prefer an activity that’s gentle on the body. Exercising in water is fabulous for increasing cardiovascular endurance and is a perfect summertime fitness activity – although, with access to a heated pool, it can be a year-round body booster! Our Cypress Gardens Retirement Community residents enjoy an Aqua Aerobics class every Saturday morning. Most community pools offer aqua aerobics sessions, but if you prefer a one-on-one approach, Arthritis Australia has information about how to find a hydrotherapist in your area.

Walking Groups

A favourite fitness activity across all of our Retirement Communities is the simple but effective walking group. It’s often a chance for our residents to catchup for a chin wag while they get in their daily exercise.

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on solid ground, a walking group might be for you. Walking is fantastic for increasing cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, and improving sleep and memory, but walking in a group brings a whole host of social benefits too. After all, keeping active is so much easier with someone to keep you motivated. And some walking groups even take advantage of air-conditioning in the summer months, meeting in local shopping centres before opening hours to get their steps in. You can search for one near you at the Heart Foundation website or at Parkrun Australia (don’t be fooled by the name – walkers are welcome!). As fitness activities for seniors go, social walking groups are inclusive, fun, and free!

Cycling Groups

Get on your bike and feel the benefits, by joining a cycling group – lycra is optional! Cycling is a wonderful activity for seniors because it helps to maintain balance, improve cardiovascular endurance, and being a low-impact exercise, is a great option for those with joint problems. If you are interested in returning to cycling after a long break, or picking it up as a new hobby, it’s important to find the right type of bike for you and a local cycling shop can help. Other benefits of cycling include the mental health benefits of being outdoors and the social gains of cycling in a group. To find a group near you, check out KeepActive, where you can filter your search for age or skill level, or find out whether your retirement village has a cycling group. At TriCare Hastings Point, the cycling group would love to see some friendly new faces!

Tai Chi

Slow your pace and increase your health with Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a popular fitness class for seniors because its gentle pace and emphasis on mindfulness and breathwork makes it accessible to all abilities. Don’t let the sedate tempo fool you though – Tai Chi is excellent for maintaining good balance and bone health, and improving mental health and focus. You can find a class near you by searching the Tai Chi Association Australia. TriCare Compton Gardens and Stafford Lakes are two communities whose residents enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi practice on a regular basis.

TriCare Stafford Lakes Retirement Community tai chi

Fitness and Balance Classes

For gym junkies and fitness fanatics, a Fitness and Balance class led by a qualified trainer or physio should get your heart pumping. Fitness and Balance is a particularly suitable fitness class for seniors because the focus is on maintaining mobility, strength, and balance at each stage of life. A class might include some weights training or circuits based on functional fitness and movement. Many gyms and physiotherapy services offer Fitness and Balance specifically for the over-fifty age group. Check your local gym, PCYC, or neighbourhood centre for classes. Residents at our Hastings Point Retirement Community swear by their Friday morning, physio-led Fitness and Balance class.

For more ideas on activities for seniors that improve health and social connections, consider becoming a part of a TriCare Retirement Community. Each of our locations offers a wide range of group activities and classes to suit any interests or needs. Contact us today and start embracing an active and healthy retirement.

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