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Stafford Lakes welcomes a familiar face as Village Manager

Finding the best person for the job can require a search far and wide, and other times, the perfect person is already near. When the position of Village Manager (VM) became available at Stafford Lakes, Andie Lambie was ready to step up! As an experienced member of the Stafford Lakes Retirement Community team, Andie had the experience, established relationships, and understanding of the role to hit the ground running.

Before coming to TriCare, Andie had developed a wonderful affinity for people’s needs through her career applying person-centred approaches in an adjacent industry. She began working as an Administration Officer (AO) at Stafford Lakes when she moved with her family from Melbourne in early 2019 and transitioned to VM at the start of June 2023.

Her years of experience as AO have served her well in making the transition to VM, where she now has oversight of all aspects of the Retirement Community. During her four years as an AO, she developed positive relationships with residents, families, staff service providers, and contractors.

“The Stafford Lakes Retirement Community is a busy, vibrant community with each day bringing different tasks, experiences, and activities,” she said.

“I have transitioned into the multifaceted role more seamlessly having had four years of getting to know residents and delivering excellence in service to high standards to meet the needs of the community.”

The role of Village Manager is indeed a diverse role – every day is different! A VM oversees the day-to-day running of the community to the highest standard and promotes a welcoming environment for the residents. Stafford Lakes is a very busy community with things happening all the time, keeping Andie on her toes.

Though it is a challenging role it is also highly rewarding, and Andie thrives on action-packed days and her scenic location.

“I enjoy the varied and busy nature of the role, liaising and getting to know different people, and talking with residents. The best part of any day is getting out into the community where you can see the gardens and picturesque lake: it’s a secret oasis in Chermside!”

With almost 150 seniors enjoying their retirement at Stafford Lakes, Andie gets to see all the different ways that residents make the most of having the time to do the things they love. She is delighted by seeing residents be busier than ever in retirement, enjoying hobbies, sport, travels, and volunteer work. She is regularly amazed by the stories she hears from residents about their interesting career lives and is grateful for how she has been warmly welcomed into the community.

“I’m very privileged to be part of their retirement journey,” she said.

“While all the homes and grounds at Stafford Lakes are beautifully appointed and the facilities are extensive, it’s the vibe of the community that makes Stafford Lakes a joy to be part of.

“Residents who look out for their neighbours, cook a meal to share, give a lift, and check in on each other each day. That’s what it’s like here.”

True to the vibrant Stafford Lakes culture, there are new developments on the horizon and Andie is excited to champion initiatives that will make life better for residents. 

“Stafford Lakes has just introduced the TriCare Community Bubble app which the residents have truly embraced. From news stories, photo galleries, events, and activities, this high-tech app is the most efficient, effective, user friendly and colourful way to communicate. 

“I love working to strengthen our community and grow our friendly and close relationships!”

If you would like to find out more about the Stafford Lakes Retirement Community, you can visit their webpage, or book in a tour here.

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